Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing is the most essential aspect of the renovation that cannot afford to fail. The techniques that we carry out are above and beyond the general standards that our products recommend.
The process and drying times for waterproofing is the key to the success of a long lasting wet area.
It can be very expensive to repair if not applied properly.

SPOT ON STYLE 100% guarantees that your wet area will not leak, we are experienced and passionate about our waterproofing process.
There is no point in renovating if the correct processes are not applied.
We have been repairing wet areas for 3 decades and have witnessed the damage water leaks can do to a home. We can supply a council approved waterproofing certificate to reinforce your warranty. Call us in the Albion Park, Kiama, Corrimal and surrounding areas for all your waterproofing needs.