Shower Repairs

Shower leaking repairs

A leaking shower is not just a problem it can be a breeding ground to bacteria and mould. Damage can occur in your carpets, walls, paints and plaster. In extreme cases major damage can be caused to the structural integrity of your home.

While you can use silicone and sealant to temporarily stop leaking showers it will only resurface within months and it will cause more damage. In addition, you may be wasting your time, money and energy. We do not offer band-aid solutions. SPOT ON STYLE will not only repair your leaking shower but offer longevity. You are not going to have any more leaking showers in the future.

Repairing the shower area only is the most cost effective solution, guaranteeing no further damage will occur to your home. Servicing in Albion Park, Kiama, Corrimal and surrounding areas.